On Sverige, everyone has the opportunity to create and join packs at will. This is where you will learn about creating packs, as well as current and previous packs.


Current Past
Orior Browar
Zanali Malum
The Aegis Sisu

Pack Creation


Three wolves are required for the formation of a pack. Two of the three wolves may be played by the same person.  All three wolves must be adults (one year of age or older). After you have your members ready to join, and have done so in an IC thread, pm the thread and the list of members, with ranks, if needed, to the admin. You may also suggest a color to use for the pack members in the memberlist, although colors that are too close to other colors that are already existent may be denied.  You should also tell the admin what sort of fairly simple pack icon you would like to have displayed by your member name on your profiles.


The formation of the pack must take place in character. During the event, the characters should discuss who will be leader, where they plan on living, etc. Once a pack has successfully formed, it will get its own board in the information desk where members will be able to plan pack events and the like.

After Formation

Maintaining the Pack

After your pack has formed, the leader(s) are expected to post a list of pack members, and to keep it up to date.The leader is responsible for contacting the admin when a rank needs to be changed, or when a pack member joins in character so that they may be added to the group. Please, do not use an XP claim to do this - send a separate PM to the admin about the member's change of status. When the pack begins to form ranks and rules, these are expected to be added as well. This information is important for new members of the pack, or people who are potentially interested in joining.

Consequences of Neglect

If your pack is neglected, it will be disbanded, or ownership will be given to another member of the pack. If major changes have been made to the pack and they have not been updated in the pack's board within ten days, that counts as neglect. If the alpha of the pack has not posted in ten days, that counts as neglect.

Of course, this does not apply if you are on vacation or what have you. However, you must inform a staff member and your pack that you will be away.

Add Your Pack to the Guide

To add your pack to the guide, fill out the form here and send it in to Calico.