Each species in the land of Sverige belongs to a class: either mage, warrior, or rogue. The class is selected by species rather than individual characters, which means that all lerkrat and gourom are warriors and all ubeli and di'shei are mages. The only exceptions to this rule are the rogue species, dynroths and azahis. Although some remain rogues and train in magical and physical skills equally, others change class to study only phyiscal or magical skills. Once they change their class to a mage or a warrior, it cannot be changed again, however.

There are specific rules for classes concerning hybrid pups that are listed here: Hybrid Guidelines .

Both mages and warriors can learn two skills outside their skill set: one of the opposing class (a physical for mages and an elemental for warriors) and the healing skill. It is possible for the sub-skill of the one chosen parent skill to be learned. The parent skill is simply replaced by the sub-skill when the time comes.

Below you can learn more about each specific class.


Warriors specialize in learning physical skills. They train their bodies to go above and beyond the norm, and posses what others may think of as "superhuman/wolf" abilities. They are the strongest, fastest, and most physically fearsome wolves in Sverige. All warriors are able to learn a maximum of one magical skill and the healing skill, if they wish. The two species which are considered to be warriors are lerkrat and gouroms .


A mage's strength lies in their ability to master elemental magics. Rather than performing great feats with their bodies, they do so with their minds through manipulating elemental energies. All mages can learn up to one physical skill and the healing skill if they wish. The two mage species are di'shei and ubeli.


Proficient at everything but masters of nothing, rogues are capable of learning both types of skills. The two species which are considered at their creation to be a rogue are dynroths and azahis . A character of a rogue species, however, can choose to specialize in either area, which would therefore change their class. This means that it is possible to have a dynroth that is a mage and not a rogue. Like the other classes, rogues are capable of learning the healing skill.