There are many strange animals that live in the land of Sverige, and this is the place to come and learn all about them.

"Fantasy" or mythological creatures, do not and have never existed in the lands of the game. Wolves that are born in the lands would not even understand references to such sorts of creatures (ie. dragons, etc.) due to the fact that there would have been no way for them to learn of such things. Wolves that come to the lands via a portal from a world where they would know such things are obviously able to know of them, however attempting to describe them or refer to them in front of most others would lead to a lot of head-scratching. 


(these creatures specific to the game that were mutated/evolved)

Carnivores Omnivores Herbivores
Gripe Seal Bald Bear Skickra
Ruin Cat Den Smasher
Scaled Zephyr Giant Rat

Wild Cat

Singing Squirrel
Char Hund


Normal Creatures

Not all of the animals in Sverige are mutated. Most of them are still recognizable from the old days. Any of these animals are okay to write about, even if they have mutated cousins (deer are still allowed, even though a skickra is a kind of deer, etc). These are natural animals native to the lands of Sweden.

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New Beasts

New beasts are not open for suggestion. Whenever the staff feel the need to introduce a new creature, an OOC event will be posted so that the members may participate in the creation of the new beast.